What Affects The Value of Your Vehicle?

There are many factors that will affect the condition of your van – the age, mileage, condition, specification, warranty, and number of previous owners.

To help you understand how we measure a vehicle’s price we split it into three categories – showroom condition, average condition, and below average condition. Below is a breakdown of how certain factors can influence which category your motor might fall into and we would advise that you are as honest as possible at this stage to get a true picture of what your model is worth.

starstarstar Showroom Condition

  • Requires no reconditioning, paintwork free from scratches, chips and dents
  • Similarly, the interior trim will need to be in unmarked condition – wheels, alloys and trims need to be unmarked too, and tyres a minimum of 5mm tread all round
  • Vehicle of original factory specification
  • The vehicle will require a full service history and MOT
  • All current registration documents and a minimum of two keys
  • Please note all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal

starstarstar Average Condition

  • It will have service history and its MOT certificate but will require some work done to bring it up to a suitable condition for sale
  • Although the vehicle will be sound mechanically, the wheels, paintwork or bodywork may need minor attention
  • Please note all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal

starstarstar Below Average Condition

  • If your vehicle has a poor service history or less than a month remaining on your MOT certificate, you should consider it as being in poor condition – a small percentage will be deducted from its value as a result
  • In addition, work will be required to fix dents, bumpers, wheel and paint damage
  • Mechanical issues may be present
  • Please note that all prices are used as a guide only and vehicles are subject to appraisal

star star star

Clean Your

It may seem obvious, but getting out a bucket and sponge to make your model look as good as new will help it to appear more appealing.

Keep Your Service Records Safe

Ensure that you have all service history and MOT information to hand as not only does it help with the value but it will need to be provided with the car at the point of sale. It would also be a good idea to have an up-to-date MOT carried out too.

Check Everything Is Working

Check all the electrics to ensure that it is all working correctly. If not, it might be an idea to see whether it is financially viable to get elements repaired prior to trying to sell your vehicle.

Repair Any Damage

If you have damage on your model, you may wish to consider getting it repaired before having your vehicle valued.

Keep Its Mileage Low

The lower the mileage, the better. If you can restrict your driving time to keep your motor’s miles lower, this will help.

Find Your Spare Keys

It is always helpful to have two keys, so get them ready too.

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