Why should I sell my van to Buy My Transit?

We know that you value your time. We also know how expensive and stressful it can be to sell your vehicle privately.

Advertising can be expensive – not everyone turns up when they say they will and not everyone can be trusted.

Some vehicle-buying companies are just middlemen who sell your motor to auction houses who then sell it on to car dealers. That's two unnecessary companies making money off of your vehicle – money that should be in your pocket!

Buy My Transit guarantees a fair price for your Transit car or van without the hassle of selling it privately or exposing yourself to the risks associated with selling it to an unknown company or brand. Sell your Transit to a trusted brand and to the people who value it most… Ford dealers.

Our buyers’ offers are firm offers and you won’t be knocked down on the price. Provided we’ve seen the vehicle or you’ve given us all the information needed, along with clear photos of the condition of your motor, our buyers can make honourable offers.

So if you're honest with us, our buyers can be with you!


Step 1.

Simply enter your reg. number to get a free, no obligation, valuation


Step 2.

One of our buyers will then quickly get in touch to discuss if / how we can optimise your valuation – you may have factory-fitted equipment or genuine Ford accessories which could help boost the online valuation provided. Note: our valuation offers are valid for 5 days


Step 3.

If you are happy to sell your vehicle to us, you can either pop your van to us for a visual appraisal or make an online video appointment

Collection or Drop-Off

Step 4.

After your visual appraisal, bring your car to either one of our 30 locations nationwide
or take advantage of our collection service (fees apply to collection service only)

Fast Payment

Step 5.

We will pay the money within 24 hours direct to your bank account

We are professional, friendly, and efficient – and did we mention fee free? That's right – we do not charge any fees for purchasing your vehicle and our payments are (where possible) made the same working day at no charge!

Buy My Ford is ideal for anyone who doesn't want the headache of a private sale or the hassle of negotiating on a knocked down part-exchange price.

To sell your van today with Buy My Ford, you will need:

  • Number Plate (VRM)
  • Current Mileage (Odometer Reading)
  • Service History – full or part, main-dealer or private garage
  • Answer some questions about the condition of the car
  • Visit one of our Ford dealerships for a visual inspection


  • Provide some photos or video of your van
  • Your phone number, postcode and email so that Buy My Transit can get in touch

Sell My Ford Sell My Ford